Gloss White (inc. silver strip)

Project Details

June 1, 2014
Marbrex Panels

Project Description

Where Marbrex can be fitted

  • To the walls and ceiling of any room in the house, office, factory or food preparation area. Includes shower cubicles with power shower up to maximum 60ºC.
  • To damp or damaged walls by fitting 38mm x 19mm battens horizontally at 600mm centres with screws into wall plugs and, if required, a breather membrane.
  • To a wall or ceiling with a clean flat surface using adhesive (no battening required).
  • To a wall or ceiling with ceramic tiles, using a moisture cure or solvent free adhesive (tiles do not have to be removed).
  • Marbrex can withstand temperatures up to 60ºC. It can be fitted behind hot water pipes and radiators and behind a gas or electric hob if a piece of heat resistant glass is installed between the product and the hob using 10mm spacers and mirror screws.

Steam Rooms – Not for use in Steam Rooms where hot spot temperatures may exceed 60ºC. Direct contact with the steam from kettles or pans must be avoided.

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