Hazy Grey Trimtop Nails 40mm

Hazy Grey Trimtop Nails 40mm

£7.40 Inc Vat

  • A4 Marine grade stainless steel pins and nails
  • Moulded plastics heads
  • Annular ring shank for solid fixing
  • Will not rust and cause discolouration of uPVC fascias & soffits
  • 25mm,30mm and 40mm pins have smaller plastics heads and come in boxes of 250 pins
  • 50mm and 65mm nails have larger plastic heads and come in boxes of 100 nails
  • Fix at 400mm centres for fascias & soffits
  • For 16mm Fascia boards we recommend using 65mm Trimtop Nails
  • For 9mm Fascia boards and soffits we recommend 40mm Trimtop Nails


Hazy Grey Trimtop Nails 40mm

Trimtop plastic headed pins and nails are suitable for fixing fascias and soffits into timber joists. Available in sizes ranging from 25mm to 65mm. Made of Marine Grade Stainless Steel to prevent rusting and the discolouration of fascias and soffits.

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Additional information

Weight 0.042 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 10 mm

0.042 KG



Brand Name



Hazy Grey


A4 Stainless Steel


10 Years Manufacturers


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